Free-thinking chickens = Intelligent eggs

You don’t have to be a theoretical physicist to understand that environment informs attitude. Even chickens dream of freedom. After all, what kind of a man would keep the social, outdoor, super productive (Gallus Domesticus) chicken trussed up in a darned battery? They should spend time in a cell to see how it feels. Just ask Einstein.

Why Einsteins’s Chickens are the World’s Happiest Birds

Our chickens are great outdoors types. They spend their days just being chickens: hanging with the gang on lush green slopes overlooking Simon’s Town Bay, they enjoy their meals el Fresco, and between meals they chicken around discussing poultry and imagining the many ways in which chickens could improve themselves. If only they could get themselves to stop chickening out.

Living above a blue ocean leads our chickens to speculate daily on the possibility of flight. Being a duck for a day or a soaring seagull are frequent topics of delight. The theory of ‘being a Boulders King penguin’ is a regular winner on Theoretical Physics evenings. And, happiness -to a chicken – is a warm barn.  At night, instead of freezing their tail feathers, our chickens socialise, theorise and sleep contentedly in the barn. These comforts make Einstein’s chickens the world’s happiest birds.

Why Einstein’s Chickens Lay the Worlds Smartest Eggs

You don’t have to be a lentil head to know that what goes in comes out. Einstein obviously ate more eggs than the next chap. He was smart because of all the high-quality proteins, along with vitamin B2 he was getting. Einstein’s eggs were rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6 fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and lecithin. Today, Einstein’s eggs are packed with brain food. Einstein’s chickens thank Einstein (the owner) for allowing them to live, free, and for their home above an ocean, in a place that can lead a chicken to dream of being all manner of things.

It is this life, living in this peaceful,  intellectually stimulating community of well over a thousand well-adjusted and stimulated chickens that makes our chickens different.  Our Chickens spend their days discussing their metaphysical theories of flight and flippers and so have become the world’s smartest chickens. Well, that’s Einstein’s theory and you have to eat Einstein’s eggs to test it!

Enjoy Intelligent Eggs From Einsteins Free-thinking, Free Range Chickens.

We deliver fresh large and extra-large free-range eggs daily to coffee shops, delis and restaurants around the peninsular. Demand is growing and we’re growing the community daily!

Come get your Einstein’s dose of awesomeness!


  • Bring the fam to the farm and pick your eggs daily from 8 to half past 4 (see map)

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  • Join the herd and get Fresh eggs daily to your doorstep (Cape Peninsular trade only)

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